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General Testing 

Level 100

Qualifications: Technician with 0-1 year of experience

Description: Introduction to testing, techniques, chemistries; how to run your pinks and blues

Number of Courses: 10; including a hands-on assessment 


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Establishing Testing Programs 

Level 200

Qualifications: Technicians & Sales Engineers with 1-3 years of experience

Description: Understand applications and testing with them; how to create a service report for application

Number of Courses: 3 

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                     : An Overview

All Levels

Description: A broad summary of how Flex Reports work including the different layouts and options available when building a new Flex Report.

Number of Courses: 4

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On-Demand Webinars

AquaPhoenix hosts a monthly webinar series with industry experts. These hour-long webinars are on topics of key interest to industrial water professionals in formal and non-formal settings that will help raise the bar on the quality of water treatment programs, expand the scope and reach of these programs, and improve the way we communicate about our field.


A complete library of on-demand recordings is available to all APS Academy users. 

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On-Site Technical Trainings

Any Level

Qualifications: Any

Description: Our classroom-based sessions offer a hands-on learning experience. Our instructors will work with you to deliver personalized training that fit the needs of the audience. Trainings are typically about an hour with time for Q&A. Contact us at to learn more.  

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