Meet the team from AquaPhoenix who are working to develop and design content for the Academy. 
Matt Nelson
Sr. Development Chemist

Matt is the Senior Development Chemist at AquaPhoenix and helped create and develop the majority of our reagents and test kits.  He is always working on new solutions to our customers’ issues.  When not surrounded by beakers and test tubes, Matt enjoys coaching his daughters’ sports teams, reading sci-fi, and playing board games.

John has worked in water testing for almost 20 years. Before that, he was a water treater with Dearborn Chemical and Pulp and Paper Specialist with Buckman Labs. His particular expertise is biocide applications and microorganism enumeration.

Andy has been involved with every aspect of the water cycle for over 30 years – drinking water, distribution system, industrial processes such as boiler and cooling systems, and wastewater. He is responsible for supporting customer’s questions or issues concerning industrial water testing which includes choosing the proper test for a treatment program or process, resolving test errors or discrepancies and providing general training and testing instructions. Andy enjoys seeing water treatment come to its full fruition in a finely brewed craft beer.

Jenny Dumler
Customer Training & Support Specialist

Jenny is the go-to person for customer-facing software support and training at AquaPhoenix. She has extensive experience helping dozens of companies throughout the world integrate eSR, Aliquot, and Kraken within their organizations. In addition to being passionate about helping others and finding solutions that streamline processes, Jenny is a foodie and loves traveling the world in addition to spending time with her family.

Sabrina Krebs
Marketing Manager

Sabrina is the eLearning designer for the Academy and the moderator for many of the courses and webinars. While she may have had to ask for the proper pronunciation for isothiazoline, she has a passion for learning and design. When not at work, Sabrina likes baking, making crafts with her daughters, and binging crime documentaries.

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